Deliver stability to your business

Timely technical support is important for any project, especially, at its initial stage of development. By entrusting technical support of your e-commerce platform to Molotok Software specialists, you will ensure a professional approach with respect to solution of all issues related to the operation and use of Molotok software.

Scope of technical support:

  • Guidance on software installation and server customization;
  • Consultations on the operation of e-commerce platform key functions;
  • Fixing of bugs found in the course of Molotok software use;
  • Molotok kernel upgrade (on request).

The scope of technical support does not include the following:

  • Development of new features for the e-commerce platform;
  • Administration of the server, on which Molotok script is installed.

Response time

Technical support is provided in accordance with the regulations, considering the severity level of a request and on a first-come basis during office hours from 9am to 6pm (Berlin time).

  • urgent issues (software fatal errors) — 2 working hours;
  • issues related to software operation — 5 working hours;
  • issues related to software installation — 5 working hours;
  • technical issues related to software operation — 5 working hours.

Send a request for technical support

Technical support

Monthly fee for technical support
$50 / month

- Support is provided by e-mail, Skype or Telegram messenger;