Auction hosting

Entrust this vital part to specialists

Choosing a server to place online auction Molotok is one the most important issues in business organization. Only correct hardware configuration allows to ensure stability and boost the level of application resilience. Molotok Software specialists have a long-term experience in server administration of UNIX like systems and know all niceties of assurance of Molotok e-commerce platform operation.

Important! If you place your e-commerce platform on our servers, you will not have to worry about application operational stability. Server monitoring and assurance of the functional operability of your online auction remain with Molotok Software specialists.

Each tariff plan includes the following:

  • Dedicated IP;
  • Initial installation and customization of Molotok e-commerce platform (the latest version);
  • 24/7 monitoring;
  • Administration;
  • Data backup;
  • Assistance in case of DDOS attacks.

Tariff plans

For information all tariff plans include approximate loads for different server configurations.


Load: 1 000 visitors / 10 000 lots
CPU: 1 / RAM: 2GB / HDD: 10 Gb
$50 / month

VDS 2 recomended

Load: 2 500 visitors / 100 000 lots
CPU: 2 / RAM: 8GB / HDD: 100 Gb
$70 / month


Load: 5 000 visitors / 250 000 lots
CPU: 2 / RAM: 16GB / HDD: 250 Gb
$90 / month

- Server installation and application customization are carried out within two days from the time of payment.

- The client is provided for with a virtual dedicated server (VDS) with Debian 7 pre-installed.