Installation Molotok script

Initial installation and customization - an important step

The process of installation of Molotok e-commerce platform is described in detail in the documentation. However, if you face any difficulties at this step for any reason, Molotok Software specialists can provide services associated with the initial installation of the php script of Molotok online auction on your server.

The installation process consists of several steps:

  • Web-server configuration;
  • Files upload to the server;
  • Setting up access permission;
  • Creation of a database and upload of initial data;
  • Customization of mail;
  • Adding tasks to the planner;
  • Setting up parameters of connection to the database.

Entrust installation to professionals

Installation of Molotok e-commerce platform

One-time assistance in the installation of Molotok script and server configuration

- Installation is carried out within 24 hours from the time of payment.